Kelsey Eads


Primary Skill

Prop Stylist

11 years in business.

Secondary Skills

Art Director
Food Stylist


  • Food Styling
  • Interior Styling
  • Photo Art DIrection
  • Product Styling
  • Prop Styling

ABOUT Kelsey

In 2003, I earned my degree in Visual Merchandising and spent the first chapter of my career focused on retail brand and product appeal. My path angled to event design where I was able to get my hands dirty with the beautiful realm of large-scale creative installations and curated artistic experiences designed for photo, video, and human interaction. This led me to the editorial opportunities that sparked my passion of designing solely for the camera. It’s the happiest place my detail-infatuated mind has found, the world of styling…the world of creating the perfectly imperfect.



I've worked with

Photographers / Directors

  • George Barberis
  • Alex Hayden
  • Mike Nelson
  • David Clugston
  • Greg Montijo
  • Darren Hendrix
  • Lara Ferroni
  • Alvin Nguyen
  • Sarah Rhodes
  • Barbara Kinney
  • Amy Johnson
  • Julie Harmsen
  • Kristen Marie Parker
  • Matt Varnado


  • AAA
  • Darigold
  • Microsoft
  • Elizabeth Rider
  • Sugar & Cloth
  • Amazon
  • Alaska Airlines
  • SONY
  • Kari Gran Skincare
  • Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
  • Pacific Coast Feather
  • CreativeLIVE
  • Hotel Ändra
  • Seattle Bride Magazine