Cine Rent West


Business Type

Photo Studio


(Price Varies) Use Cine Rent West for your next photo shoot. We rent on a 10 hour per 1 day, with 1/2 day rates available. This price includes the stage, stage manager and the CRW grip package.
Lighting, electrical power (at .20/Kwh) and expendables charged on a as per use basis.

Stage cyclorama walls and floor are supplied painted white and ready to shoot, with two-wall (180°) hard cove measuring 35’ x 46’ x 17’. 1800 amp total power. Full overhead TV light grid with forty-five 20 amp bates outlets, 600 amps total. 1200 amps stage floor distribution available. Stage measures 71’ deep x 7


Portland (OR) 2580 NW Upshur St
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 228-2048